What graphic designers should know about printing?

What To Know About Printing Your Graphic Design Be Absolutely Sure, Embed Your Fonts, Triple Check Your Size/Resolution, Use CMYK Color Palettes For Printing, Get Your Bleeds Right, Choose the Right Software, Always Check Your Work

Are you a graphic designer who is planning to take your masterpieces to the physical world with printing? Here are some top printing tips for graphic designers that can make your work look even better!

1. Use the right paper – According to experts, the paper you choose can make or break the look of your project. Whether you choose glossy, matte, or semi-gloss, make sure that it’s suitable for the type of project you are working on. Also, be sure to check the paper’s weight, size and thickness.

2. Proofread – Nothing is worse than printed copies that have spelling or grammatical errors. Before printing, proofread your entire project and check for typos and other errors. This step is a must if you’re preparing something for a client.

3. Know your printer’s capabilities – Every printer is different so be sure to know your printer’s capabilities. Understand what it can and can’t produce, its printing speed, and the types of paper it supports. Some printers are great for printing small artwork but not so great for large-scale projects. Knowing your printer’s limitations can save you a lot of time and money.

4. Select the right resolution – Higher resolution means your images will look sharper and more detailed. So, make sure to select a resolution that is appropriate for your project. You want to avoid images that are pixilated or blurry.

5. Use industry standards – Print jobs are usually created using certain industry standards such as CMYK or RGB. Using the right color profiles will ensure that the colors show up accurately on paper.

6. Think ahead – Before you start printing, consider any extra elements that could enhance the look and feel of your design. For example, would gold or silver foil work on certain areas of the project?

7. Test your designs – This is especially important if you’re printing a large batch. Do a few test prints to figure out which settings and color profiles work best for your project. This is a great way to save time and avoid wasted paper and ink.

These are some of the most crucial printing tips for graphic designers. By following these tips, you can save money and create better looking prints for your clients. Good luck!